News From Day 4

Sunday 8th October

Patient well-being symposium aims to raise awareness and offer solutions

The importance of considering the psychosocial and emotional impacts suffered by patients with diseases causing vision loss and the relationship between patient satisfaction with care and treatment adherence/persistence were topics addressed by a series of speakers from the United Kingdom in the Sunday afternoon symposium “Patient Well-Being: Time to Take...

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Euretina General Assembly takes place

Attendees at the EURETINA General Assembly meeting on Sunday morning heard that Dr Anat Loewenstein (Israel) was elected as President Elect of the society by unanimous decision of the EURETINA Board. Also during the meeting, Dr Martin S Zinkernagel (Switzerland) was confirmed as the new General Secretary of EURETINA, Dr...

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Speakers’ corner proving big hit with attendees

Delegates attending Saturday afternoon’s Speakers’ Corner session on imaging heard colleagues describe interesting cases and findings from prospective and retrospective clinical studies evaluating the performance of different imaging platforms for characterising known and recently described retinal features associated with common and rare diseases.   Speakers’ Corner, a popular feature of...

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ePoster winner: When oil strikes the macula

A study detailing the pros and cons of using silicone oil as a long-term tamponade agent after complex retinal surgery was the winner of the inaugural August Deutman prize for the best e-Poster. “We know that silicone oil is a widely used tamponade agent in complex retinal surgery, but it...

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RETINAWS: When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Delegates filling the Auditorium on Saturday morning for the RETINAWS video course were rewarded with a valuable learning experience as top surgeons from around the world presented and discussed video excerpts showcasing complex vitreoretinal surgery, rare situations, and unique surgical techniques. The session started, however, with course director Dr Kourous...

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Specialists delve deep to unravel retinal mysteries

Everybody loves a good detective mystery and retinal specialists are no exception.  At the Medical Retina Mystery Cases session, the assembled audience was presented with a wide variety of puzzling case studies which highlighted the complex process of arriving at a correct diagnosis. Opening the session, Srinivas Sadda MD presented...

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EVER Symposium: Defusing the ticking timebomb of high myopia

If current trends continue, one out of every two people on the planet will be myopic by the year 2050. Even more worryingly, a significant proportion of these will be highly myopic with all the associated problems that entails in terms of ocular morbidity, disease and vision loss, according to...

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