RETINAWS: When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Delegates filling the Auditorium on Saturday morning for the RETINAWS video course were rewarded with a valuable learning experience as top surgeons from around the world presented and discussed video excerpts showcasing complex vitreoretinal surgery, rare situations, and unique surgical techniques.

The session started, however, with course director Dr Kourous Rezaei (United States) showing a video he created titled “The Goddoctor” that was an entertaining and sentimental video tribute to Dr Kirk Packo (United States).

“Very recently, Dr Packo, a good friend and mentor of mine, passed away, but his legacy goes on,” said Dr Rezaei. “This video celebrates the life of a man who is a global legend in vitreoretinal surgery.”


The educational session included ten videos that were presented in 3D, thus providing a real-world experience to delegates in the audience. The first surgical video was shown by Dr José García-Arumí (Spain) who showcased a challenging case of bimanual dissection of tractional retinal detachment in severe proliferative diabetic retinopathy.

Next, Dr Ramin Tadayoni (France) presented an interesting video demonstrating the removal of an expanded MIRAgel (hydrogel) scleral buckle. Dr Siegfried Priglinger (Germany) presented the management of a huge retinal detachment that occurred on the day after intravitreal ocriplasmin (Jetrea) injection.

In a video titled “Carlevale Nightmare 2”, which was a sequel to a video presentation at RETINAWS in 2022, Dr Patricia Udaondo Mirete (Spain) discussed a case showing rescue of a dislocated sutureless scleral-fixated intraocular lens (Carlevale). A video from Dr Stanislao Rizzo (Italy) showcased the importance of using the right forceps for removal of subretinal membranes.

In his presentation, Dr Lu Hai (China) described the techniques he used to peel a tough epiretinal membrane in a highly myopic patient. Dr Stratos Gotzaridis (Greece) demonstrated the approach he used to fix a macular fold following previous retinal detachment surgery.

A paediatric case was the subject of a video from Dr Anat Lowenstein (Israel) who showed the management of a vitreous haemorrhage and subsequent macular hole in a 2.5-year-old child with leukemia. Dr Alistair Laidlaw (United Kingdom) presented a video showing the elegant, intact removal of an intraocular worm from the vitreous cavity in a patient with secondary glaucoma and uveitis.

Dr Ernesto Bali (Belgium) showed repair of a complex case of retinal detachment in an eye with two large macular holes. In the last video of the session, Dr Nur Acar (Turkey) presented her approach to management of a dislocated anterior chamber IOL in an eye that had previous ocular trauma.

The RETINAWS video discussion course can be viewed through the Euretina On Demand feature and on Dr Rezaei’s website,