Speakers’ corner proving big hit with attendees

Delegates attending Saturday afternoon’s Speakers’ Corner session on imaging heard colleagues describe interesting cases and findings from prospective and retrospective clinical studies evaluating the performance of different imaging platforms for characterising known and recently described retinal features associated with common and rare diseases.


Speakers’ Corner, a popular feature of the Euretina Congress programme, gives authors of top scoring e-poster submissions the chance to share their research in a short oral presentation and attendees the opportunity to comment or ask questions for obtaining more information. True to its name, the session takes place in a corner of the exhibition hall and was situated near the video monitors where delegates could access and review the e-posters chosen for Speakers’ Corner. Compared to the free paper sessions held in large auditoriums, the smaller size of Speakers’ Corner makes it a forum that favours greater interaction.


This year’s Euretina Congress programme included a total of 13 Speakers’ Corner sessions. Like the session on imaging, some were devoted to specific topics, of which age-related macular degeneration was most represented, being the focus for 4 of the 13 sessions. Other sessions concentrated on posters pertaining to vitreoretinal surgery, central serous chorioretinopathy, inherited retinal diseases/paediatrics, and diabetes and vascular diseases, while three of the sessions featured posters representing a mix of topics.


Euretina Congress delegates can access all of the Speakers’ Corner sessions, the complete e-posters selected for those sessions, and all of the submitted e-posters through On Demand.