Amsterdam sightseeing highlights

With its picturesque canals, historic architecture, world-class museums, and laid-back atmosphere, Amsterdam has no shortage of attractions to entice delegates away from the conference centre. Here are five of the most captivating highlights and best places to visit in this enchanting city.

Van Gogh Museum:

One of Amsterdam’s most iconic attractions, the Van Gogh Museum is a must-visit for art enthusiasts. Dedicated to the works of the legendary artist Vincent van Gogh, the museum houses an unparalleled collection of his paintings, drawings, and letters. Visitors can trace Van Gogh’s artistic journey and gain insights into his tumultuous life. From his famous self-portraits to breathtaking landscapes like “Starry Night,” the museum provides an immersive experience into the mind of this artistic genius.


Another treasure trove for art aficionados, the Rijksmuseum showcases the finest Dutch art and history. This grand institution features an extensive collection of masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age, including works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Frans Hals. The museum itself is a work of art, designed in an ornate neo-Gothic style.

Anne Frank House:

Delving into a darker but equally important aspect of history, the Anne Frank House offers a poignant glimpse into the life of Anne Frank during World War II. The museum is situated in the actual building where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis for over two years. Visitors can explore the hidden annex and learn about Anne’s life and the broader context of the Holocaust.

Canal Cruises:

Amsterdam’s intricate network of canals is often referred to as the “Venice of the North.” Exploring the city from its waterways provides a unique perspective on its stunning architecture and history. Canal cruises are a popular way to enjoy the picturesque scenery, passing by historic houses, iconic bridges, and charming houseboats.


For a taste of Amsterdam’s leisurely side, Vondelpark is the perfect destination. This sprawling green oasis offers a refreshing break from the city’s hustle and bustle. Locals and tourists alike come here to unwind, have picnics, bike, jog, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll.

Dam Square:

This central square serves as a hub for various activities and events. It’s surrounded by historic buildings, including the Royal Palace, and is a common meeting point for both locals and tourists. The square often hosts concerts, markets, and cultural events.


Amsterdam also offers a plethora of lesser-known experiences that are worth exploring:

Electric Ladyland:

The Museum of Fluorescent Art: This quirky museum is dedicated to showcasing fluorescent art. Visitors can explore the fascinating world of fluorescent minerals, sculptures, and paintings that come to life under ultraviolet light.

Museum Vrolik:

For those with an interest in anatomy and the macabre, this museum within the University of Amsterdam features a collection of anatomical specimens, medical oddities, and genetic anomalies.

Houseboat Museum:

Amsterdam’s canals are dotted with houseboats, and this museum gives you a chance to step inside one and experience what life is like on the water. It offers insight into the unique lifestyle of those who call these houseboats home.

Tulip Museum:

While tulips are iconic to the Netherlands, this museum delves into their history and cultural significance, providing a comprehensive look at the flower that has played a significant role in Dutch heritage.

KattenKabinet (Cat Cabinet):

A museum dedicated to all things feline, the KattenKabinet showcases artwork and objects related to cats. It’s a playful and unconventional museum that cat lovers might find especially charming.