Surgical creativity on show at RETINAWS symposium

Necessity is the mother of invention and the true test of any surgeon is when things don’t go according to plan.

Staying calm, finding creative solutions to complex problems and delving deep in the surgical bag of tricks to rescue difficult situations – these were the key virtues on show at the RETINAWS symposium, a video-oriented course in which complex vitreoretinal surgery, rare surgical cases, and unique surgical techniques were shared and discussed.

Chaired by Kourous Rezaei MD, the concept of RETINAWS is to provide a forum for surgeons from around the world to share their experiences and their techniques. The format is that surgeons share videos of their surgical cases and discuss how they got into a particular situation, how they got themselves out of it, and how one can avoid it in the future.

The symposium covered a wide array of different surgical scenarios and techniques including dealing with unexpected macroaneurysm bleeding, management of an iatrogenic persistent choroidal detachment, and an accident during drainage of a suprachoroidal haemorrhage.