Full steam ahead for Ophthalmologica

Ophthalmologica looks to the next phase of growth

Professor Martin Zinkernagel assumed the role of Editor-in-Chief of Ophthalmologica, the official journal of EURETINA, earlier this year. In this interview, he outlines his vision for the journal in the coming years.

Has Ophthalmologica achieved its aims in a crowded market for academic publications?

Ophthalmologica as a journal has existed since 1899 and is now the official journal of EURETINA and has a clear focus on retina research. The impact factor has continuously increased and it is now one of the top journals focusing on retina research. Furthermore, we are continuously identifying areas of interest such as the focus issue for the next article collection on “Retinal vasculitis: diagnosis and current guidelines”.

What are your own broad aims as Editor-in-Chief since taking over from Sebastian Wolf?

My aims as Editor-in-Chief are to further strengthen the journal in order to provide our readers and authors highest quality scientific articles but also current guidelines for the treatment of retinal diseases. I have brought several young colleagues into the editorial board and have included capacities from South Africa and Asia, so that we are now a truly global retina journal.

In what ways can the journal be improved or enhanced?

We are aiming at publishing more up-to-date clinical guidelines and set the bar for scientific publications even higher with a fast turnaround review process.

Are there particular areas within the specialty which could do with greater exposure in the journal?

I think that the content of Ophthalmologica is a good reflection of the current state of research in the field of retina. We had, for example, numerous papers on the use of Artificial Intelligence in retina, and there were also several papers on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health care, especially on intravitreal therapies. Surgical issues and in particular new surgical devices could perhaps do with greater exposure.

Anything else which you feel is important to emphasise?

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the support and hard work of our editorial board members and the numerous reviewers serving for this journal. Furthermore, I would like to encourage all colleagues to become members of EURETINA. As a member you have access to many free online educational resources as well as a free subscription to EURETINA’s official journal, Ophthalmologica.