EURETINA video awards highlight surgical skill

An innovative technique to rescue a black nucleus after failed cataract surgery and the utility of using subretinal lavage in persistent subretinal fluid after retinal detachment repair were among some of the vitreoretinal surgical techniques showcased in the 2022 EURETINA Video Awards, with the very high standard of entries this year praised by Frank Holz, Board member and former President of EURETINA.

First prize this year was awarded to Gagan Bhatia MD of India for his entry entitled “The Black Nucleus : An Anterior Segment Pearl or a VR Surgeon’s Nightmare”. Dr Bhatia’s video demonstrated a novel surgical technique to deliver a black cataract from the vitreous cavity of an 80-year old patient who had undergone unsuccessful small incision cataract surgery.

In this particular case, the black nucleus was not amenable to phaco fragmentation and an alternative approach needed to be found. The surgeon opted to impale the nucleus with a 25-gauge needle and raised it up towards the anterior chamber. A chopper was then inserted through a sideport incision to stabilise the nucleus, and visco-dispersive material was inserted to create space in the anterior chamber and protect the endothelium. The nucleus was then successfully removed using a simple needle puncture through the microincision wound and a secondary IOL was implanted.

This year’s second prize was awarded to Piergiacomo Grassi MD of the United Kingdom for his video “Removal of traumatic suprachoroidal dislocation of crystalline lens in absence of retinal tears and histopathologic findings”.

His video highlighted the case of a 22-year-old male who presented six days after an ocular blunt trauma for surgical management of hyphema, vitreous haemorrhage and suspected rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD). Pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) and external drainage of the suprachoroidal haemorrhages using a scleral cutdown technique were completed. However a second intervention was necessary to deal with raised IOP and the uncertain visual prognosis in eye with suspected crystalline lens in the subretinal or suprachoroidal space. The patient underwent PPV for removal of silicone oil and retained lens, with an intraocular surgical approach preferred on the basis that the crystalline lens had probably dislocated into the subretinal space.

Third prize in this year’s video competition went to Adel Al-Akeely MD of Saudi Arabia for “Subretinal lavage for persistent subretinal fluid after RRD repair”. Dr Al-Akeely’s video showed the utility of subretinal lavage as an effective means of dealing with persistent subretinal fluid after RRD repair. Despite successful surgery with a flattened retina and successful reattachment, the patient nevertheless experienced progressive visual deterioration due to the presence of subretinal fluid. After gas bubble resolution and subretinal lavage, the fluid issue was resolved with noticeable visual improvement.

All registered attendees will be able to view the winning videos via playback on the virtual platform.